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Tan main background color with a black circle in the center. The silhouette of a banjo and guitar with crossed necks is inside the black circle with a small fox silhouette standing and looking over its shoulder below the two instruments. Black large text curls around the top and bottom of the black inner circle, and outside of that light green smaller text curls around the top and bottom edge of the button.

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The Fox Valley Folklore Society is located at 2642 Bauer Road in North Aurora, Illinois. This organization hosts the largest folk festival in Illinois, with eight stages featuring more than thirty acts. Every labor day the festival takes place on a thirteen-acre island in the Fox River. The festival was first held in 1977, and is one of one hundred different annual events the Fox Valley Folklore Society has in the Fox Valley area. Fox Valley, an area compassing many cities and natural landscape near the Fox River, is located close to Chicago’s western suburbs, and has a very scenic natural landscape.

The 34th Annual Fox Valley Folk Festival was a two-day event. On both Sunday and Monday, there were fourteen main music performances some of which included Two Way Street Sampler, Lyn Ford Shanta, Andy Cohen, February Sky, Andrew Calhoun, and more. There were also twenty-one different workshops both days such as the Songwriter’s Summit, Gypsy Jazz Insights, and Ballads with Some of the Best. There were several teaching events, six hand-made events, seven children’s events, and seven story-telling events on each day. Some of these other events included learning to play the hammer dulcimer, making puppets, stories and ventriloquist puppets, Creole 101, Fox Valley Folklore Society "Sing-Around", Little Guitar Pickers, and a Fox Valley Storytelling Guild Showcase.


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