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Text on Button MAY I SERVE YOU? MY NAME IS That Good Fenn's ICE CREAM
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Oval shaped employee name tag. The words are blue and the background is beige.

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The Fenn Bros. Ice Cream and Candy Co. was a manufacturer operating out of Souix Falls, South Dakota in the early to late 20th century. The company is listed in publications, the Confectioners Gazette, as early as 1918, but was liquidated in the 1970s. The company was known for its invention of the registered trademark toffee ice cream flavoring called Butter Brickle. Butter Brickle was not only an ice cream flavor, it was also a candy that the company made. The additional picture that accompanies this button shows a vintage container that would have held the Fenn’s Butter Brickle ice cream. When the company was liquidated, the Butter Brickle formula was sold to the company who manufactured Heath Bars (eventually acquired by Hershey). The slogan, “That good Ice Cream: Fenn’s,” can be found on vintage clocks that hung in establishments that sold Fenn’s ice cream.


May 10, 1918 Confectioners Gazette (p. 20)

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