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Father Dixon's Favorite Son

Father Dixon's Favorite Son Political Button Museum
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Father Dixon's Favorite Son button back Political Button Museum
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Photograph of Ronald Reagan wearing a cowboy hat below a photograph of an archway on a red background. Republican "elephant" symbols are on either side of Reagan photo and white text is along top edge of button. Bottom portion of button is a blue stripe with white stars and a white bottom portion with blue text.

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Creative Photocrafts
5433 Schultz Dr.
Sylvania, OH. 43560

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Creative Photo Crafts, Sylvania, Ohio.

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Ronald Reagan ran for a second presidential term in 1984 against former Vice President Walter Mondale. Reagan attended Dixon High School in Illinois and was commonly referred to as Dixon’s favorite son. The family settled in Dixon in 1920 and Reagan often regarded his childhood there in the most positive light. Spectator’s of Reagan’s life in Dixon suggested that the things that made him a beloved President were begun in the small town and shaped his approachable nature.


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