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Evinrude Advertising Button Museum
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Evinrude button back Advertising Button Museum
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Dark blue text on white background. 

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This button was produced in the 1960s along with other pinbacks that included 'friendly phrases' such as "I Like Fun...With An Evinrude". The 'Evinrude company' has primarily produced outboard motors since roughly 1909. Ole Evinrude, a Norwegian immigrant born in 1877, was a consummate machinist. After producing his first functional outboard motor in 1909 his wife Bess saw profit in advertising. The first campaign for the Evinrude's would read: "Don't Row! Throw Away Those Oars! Use an Evinrude Motor!". The original 62 pound, $62 motors sold so well that Evinrude collaborated with other builders to found the Outboard Motors Corp. (OMC) in 1929. Ole Evinrude, the active president, passed away in 1934. The company that produced outboard motors bearing his namesake lasted until 2000, wherein the company filed for bankruptcy and was acquired by Bombadeier Recreational Products (BRP). Ole Evinrude is still honored today at the annual New York boatshow with the Ole Evinrude award given to the individual who has contributed the most to recreational boating.
Interestingly enough, many 'knock-off' brands have appeared over the years touting outboard motors such as the Evenride company which faltered in the 1960s.

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