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Illustartion of Mickey Mouse in lederhosen and a green shirt and hat on a yellow circle with red and black rings around it and black text on top.

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Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is home to Epcot Center and the World Showcase, which features different pavilions representing countries around the world. The Germany Pavilion is located between China and Italy, and reflects the architecture and culture found in Germany. There is a fountain with a statue of St. George (the patron saint of soldiers) slaying a dragon, a cobblestone platz, and a replica of a medieval castle common in Bavaria. Similar to the famous Glockenspiel in Munich, there is a clock tower featuring a glockenspiel that chimes on the hour and two Hummel figurines appear out of the clock. The most popular feature are the three model trains that run through a miniature German village, which both children and adults enjoy watching. The Germany Pavilion also features wine tastings, Oktoberfest Celebration, a flower and garden festival, and shops where visitors can buy steins, Hummel figurines, and cuckoo clocks.

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