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Elect the Underachievers in 92

Elect the Underachievers in 92 Political Button Museum
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Elect the Underachievers in 92 button back Political Button Museum
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Jugate featuring Bart Simpson and black white photo of politician below yellow text over black background. 

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This button references politician Dan Quayle during his 1992 run alongside George H.W. Bush. Despite other Republicans pushing for George H.W. Bush to replace Dan Quayle with a different running mate, Quayle successfully secured re-nomination. After democrat Bill Clinton and his running mate Al Gore won the election, Quayle continued his poilitical career. He entered the 2000 election race but later withdrew to suport George Bush.

Dan Quayle is infamously remembered for the fact that he once corrected a girl’s spelling of “potato” to “potatoe” during a spelling bee. 

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