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Text on Button DR. C.B. McKAIG DAY JUNE 26 1955 PINE ISLAND, MINN.
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Dr. Carle B. McKaig was a physician serving the Pine Island, MN region for over 50 years. Born circa 1884 (exact year is debated) in Indiana, Dr. McKaig received his M.D. degree in 1906 at Sioux City College of Medicine in Sioux City, Iowa and relocated to Minnesota the following year to establish his practice. Called 'the ideal general practitioner' by Dr. Charles Mayo, of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. McKaig was the last of a generation, making house calls fist by horse, then by motorcycle and finally by car. Dr. McKaig owned the first automobile in Pine Island. An indomitable spirit, he did not let the loss of his leg in an accident slow him down, nor the death of his wife Catherine in 1937, after 21 years of marriage. He was known not only for his extraordinary diagnostic abilities but also for his research on parotitis, or the inflammation of the parotoid salivary glands, which is most commonly found when a patient has the Mumps.

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