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Don't Buy Chicago Tribune

Don't Buy Chicago Tribune Chicago Button Museum
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Don't Buy Chicago Tribune button back Chicago Button Museum
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Don't Buy Chicago Tribune On Strike
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Yellow and red text on a red and yellow background

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Jansco Inc. Chicago, IL 60630 and Union Bug

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On July 18, 1985, three Chicago Tribune unions walked out on bargaining sessions for new contracts.  The unions that went on strike totaled over 700 workers and were the Chicago Typographical Union No. 16, Chicago Web Pressmen’s Union Local 7 and Chicago Mailers Union Local 2. 

A year later 68 bargaining sessions had been attempted, and the newspaper had replaced a majority of the strikers with new employees. Teamster Union drivers crossed picket lines, honoring the no-strike clause in their contract.  Seven other unions also crossed picket lines.  The union leaders hoped to succeed in garnering support for the strike with 100,000 newspaper subscription cancellations.  However, there was a lack of public interest in the strike, and the newspaper reported around 5,200 subscription cancellations were attributed to the walkout. 

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