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Illustration of man in yellow suit and black bow tie combing their hair on a blue background.  Black text with white outline along bottom.

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Don Juan is a term used for a man who has been known to seduce women or is a great lover. In 1630, Tirso de Molina, a Spanish writer, mentioned the name in his work "El Burlador de Sevilla El Convidado de Piedra," to describe a character that was a Spanish Cassanova. The first recorded instance of this phrase used in conversation or slang to describe a man of this character was 1679 and it is still used today.

Don Juan (Pomade) is a company that specializes in men’s grooming products, with their most notable product being the pocket comb. After opening up the business in Miami, Florida, Don Juan started production in 2013. The founders of the brand are duo entrepreneurs who are both Italian immigrants. The two had been childhood friends and had run other businesses centering around selling band clothing or technology like DVDs and video games. They eventually abandoned these businesses before moving into the grooming industry. Don Juan products are made in consultation with barbers for their grooming products and chemists for their perfume.


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