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Dixie Brewing was founded by Valentine Merz in 1907 in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. While most companies shut down through Prohibition, Dixie became the "Dixie Beverage Company" and kept sales of "alternative" drinks high. In the 1980s when many beer companies began to struggle and get absorbed into larger companies, Dixie filled for bankruptcy  but then reorganized in 1992. With the reorganization came new lines of beer like Blackened Voodoo (dark ale) and Crimson Voodoo (red ale).

The company was forced to stop New Orleans production in 2005 when the levees failed as a result of Hurricane Katrina. After the area was de-watered the brewery sustained heavy looting damage and was no longer functional. For years the owners of Dixie have been attempting to return from Wisconsin (current headquarters) to their New Orleans home. Like many international beers such as Guinness, Dixie is currently contract-brewed and commands a strong regional following.

Dixie Beer for some time marketed as Dixie "45" beer. The name supposedly comes from a bar next to the brewery that would serve Dixie. A few guys joked about how Nick's Bar never gets robbed to which the bartender pulled out a 45 and claimed "this is why!" "nobody messes with a 45!" The regulars began calling the bartender "45", and would ask him to "pour another Dixie 45". The name stuck and became apart of the company, but once Colt 45 released their product the "45" was pulled from Dixie.

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