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David Johansen Funky But Chic

David Johansen Funky But Chic Music Button Museum
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David Johansen Funky But Chic button back Music Button Museum
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Funky But Chic is a 1978 rock song by American singer, songwriter, and actor, David Johansen, off a self-titled album. Johansen is perhaps best known for his time as the vocalist in the New York Dolls. The New York Dolls were one of the first bands active in the NYC punk rock scene and are sometimes even credited to have invented punk rock. The Dolls were visually distinguished for their androgynous and flamboyant stage costumes. Though he left the Dolls in 1976, Johansen has had a long musical career that has been heavily influenced by Blues and Jazz music. Upon reflection of Johansen’s musical and visual oeuvre, “Funky but Chic” seems to be a fitting summation.


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