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Daley is the one in '71

Daley is the one in '71 Political Button Museum
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Daley is the one in '71 button back Political Button Museum
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Red white and blue striped background with blue text on the white stripe and white text on the blue stripe

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In 1971 Richard M. Daley ran to be re-elected as Mayor of Chicago for the fifth time. Daley was elected to the position for the first time in 1955, and during his time in office oversaw the building of O’Hare Airport and Sears Tower, as well as agreeing to desegregate Chicago neighborhoods and is best remembered for preventing Chicago from declining as other Rust Belt cities had. Daley easily won the 1971 election partly because of his popularity and partly because of the lack of a strong opponent. Afterwards, Daley later won the 1975 election, though he died halfway into his term in 1976, holding onto the position of Mayor for a total of 21 years.

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