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Text on Button Contractors' Furniture Carpet Co. 1339 SO. MICHIGAN AVE. CHICAGO 5, ILLINOIS WAbash 2-8200 RUGS CARPETS 1958 Our 25th Year FURNITURE BEDDING
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Curl Text PARISIAN NOVELTY CO., CHICAGO PAT.7-10-17,11-4-19
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The Contractors’ Furniture and Carpet Co. was in operation from the late 1940s through the 1950s in District 5 of Chicago, IL. Contractors’ issued several advertising campaigns using pocket-sized measuring tapes, some of which featured popular drink recipes.

Measuring tapes with centimeter and inch markings were developed in the 1820s. Prior to this development, tailors would use a strip of paper unique to each customer with a coded system of notches made into the paper to indicate the person’s measurements. Since the notch system was not codified, each tailor had their own individual code. The introduction of marked fabric measuring tapes allowed for standardized drafts to be made for garments such as a basic shirt.


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