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Consolidated Steel Corporation

Consolidated Steel Corporation Club Button Museum
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Consolidated Steel Corporation button back Club Button Museum
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Consolidated Elevator Erection 2230 Steel Corp.
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Black text along the top and bottom edges of the button and on a a blue stripe that goes across the center of the button on a white background. 

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Los Angeles Rubber Stamp CO

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The Consolidated Steel Corporation was created in 1929 as a result of a merger of Llewellyn Iron Works, Union Iron Works, and Baker Iron Works. According to a small article that appeared in the Berkeley Daily Gazette, December 12, 1928, the consolidation of the three iron companies was going to occur before 1929. The consolidated company was in two locations, Wilmington, California and Orange, Texas, and was an American steel and shipbuilding business. Both shipyards were commissioned in the 1940s to build ships for the U.S. Navy. The Consolidated Steel Corporation built 39 destroyers and 100 destroyer escorts at their shipyards during World War II. 

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