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Con Edison

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Con Edison button back Art Button Museum
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Customer Service Con Edison Runaround
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Red curved arrow and blue text on a white background. The first letters of the bottom text have been covered with white-out and written over in blue marker with the letters "R U". 

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Consolidated Edison is a utility company providing gas, electric, and steam service in New York City. A power blackout occurred in New York in 1977 in which Con Edison was accused of "gross negligence" resulting in wide-spread looting, violence, vandalism, and arson. The blackout sparked many protest buttons with slogans such as "Down with Con Edison" and "Con Ed has us by the Bulbs".

This artifact appears to have started as a promotional button FOR Con Ed customer service turnaround, but has been altered to become a statement AGAINST Con Ed by changing Turnaround to Run Around implying the service is wasting customer time.

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