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Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

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COALITION of BLACK TRADE UNIONISTS 11th NATIONAL CONVENTION Memphis, Tenn. May 28-31, 1982 The Black Worker Meeting the Challenge of Survival (union bug)
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The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists is a nonprofit organization for African American members of AFL-CIO affiliated trade unions. It was founded in September 1972, when 1200 black union officials and members from 37 national unions met at the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago Illinois to discuss their role and future in the labor movement. The CBTU was officially created at that meeting, and their first convention was held in Washington, D.C. in May 1973. Since then, the CBTU has advocated for several causes, including the rights of women workers, black leadership, and human rights issues. In 1982, the same year as the CBTU's 11th National Convention in Memphis, Tennessee, the Executive Council formed the National Women's Committee, which strives to empower female members of the CBTU to actively participate in improving their unions and their communities. 


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