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Clinton Hope 1993 Inauguration

Clinton Hope 1993 Inauguration Political Button Museum
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Clinton Hope 1993 Inauguration button back Political Button Museum
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Color photograph of Bill and Hillary Clinton on a black background

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Bill Clinton was inaugurated as the 42nd President of the United States on January 20, 1993. Clinton was the first Democrat to be elected as President since Jimmy Carter in 1976, and is considered the first post-Cold War president. Clinton and his running mate Al Gore defeated incumbent president George H. W. Bush, winning 43% of the vote against Bush’s 37.4% and independent Ross Perot’s 18.9%. Clinton was considered a fresh and hopeful alternative to Bush, whose approval ratings went from nearly 90% during the Gulf War, down to below 50% by the end of 1991.

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton's wife, is credited by some as saving her husband's 1992 presidential campaign when she appeared with him on the television show 60 Minutes, following accusations of an extramarital affair between Bill Clinton and an Arkansas singer. Hillary Clinton, a lawyer, was the first First Lady to hold a postgraduate degree and have a successful professional carerer prior to moving into the White House. Following the inauguration, she was an integral part of her husband's inner circle, and is historically considered one of the most empowered First Ladies. 

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