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Chicago Tunnel Lodge 1937

Chicago Tunnel Lodge 1937 Club Button Museum
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Chicago Tunnel Lodge 1937 button back Club Button Museum
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Chicago Tunnel Lodge No. 125 1937 AUG C of BR 1937 A.F. of L.
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A large blue C sits right in the center on a white background. In the center of the C is a blue X symbol made of railroad spikes and smaller letters in blue colored text.  Around the C are blue letters in a circle formation on green background.

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PAT FEB 13 1817
(An illustration of a duck)
(two union bugs) 
No. 1215375

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Just five months before the meeting this button commemorates, was a strike of the Chicago Tunnel Company's union members. The union, Chicago Tunnel Lodge 125, protested the increasing shipment of goods by on-road trucks. The lodge member's worked underground downtown Chicago in the matrix of narrow-gauged railroad tunnels. The railroad served Chicago between 1906 and 1959 and had, at its peak, 60 miles of track, 149 locomotives, and over 3,000 freight cars. The tunnels laid abandoned until 1992 when a worker driving wooden piling into the banks of the Chicago River pierced a tunnel arch. About 124 million gallons of river water flooded the tunnels. 


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