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Cartoon-style illustration of seven Royal Canadian Mounted Police seated in front of a stage watching three beavers wearing blue lingerie and red maple leaves.  Red text on a white background.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP, or the Mounties) is the federal and national police service of Canada. The RCMP’s main responsibility is the enforcement of federal law throughout the Canadian provinces and territories. In addition, the RCMP oversees border integrity and security, issues firearms licenses to civilians, and provides police training both to Canadian and international police services. Since its establishment in 1920, the RCMP has become an iconic symbol of Canada, with the officers in their distinct red uniforms being depicted across a wide variety of media.

Another iconic symbol of Canada is the beaver, which was chosen as a national symbol in 1975. However, its historical significance dates back long before that. Early European explorers since the 1600s capitalized on the demand for fur hats, and soon both English and French traders would gain a high profit off of selling beaver pelts in Europe. Although overexploitation nearly wiped out the beaver population in the mid-19th century, conservation efforts have allowed for beavers to be once again ubiquitous throughout the country.


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