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Bull Fights Souvenir

Bull Fights Souvenir Event Button Museum
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Bull Fights Souvenir button back Event Button Museum
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Illustration of matador wearing red waving a red cape as a bull charges next to him on a yellow background.  Black text in illustrated white scroll around one side of button, and black text on background. 

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The practice of bullfighting in Mexico goes back at least 500 years ago. The bullfighting season in Tijuana Mexico is from May to October with a bull fight occurring every other Sunday. Bullfighting pits a human versus a bull in an enclosed ring. The object is for the matador to subdue the bull. There are many styles, rules and cultural expectations associated with bullfighting around the world. In Mexico, the bull is maimed throughout the encounter then ceremoniously killed with a sword. While the tradition of bullfighting continues in Tijuana, the Mexican states of Sonora, Guerrero, and Coahuila have banned the practice.

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