Budweiser Arlington Million

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The Arlington Million is a thoroughbred horserace founded in 1981 with the first million-dollar winners’ purse. The race has most often been held at Arlington Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois, with a few exceptions for renovation and repair. The race is part of the Breeders’ Cup Challenge and qualifies the winner for the Longines Breeders' Cup Turf, both of which contribute to a horse’s pedigree and value. Since 1981, the race has changed names several times, including the Budweiser Million Stakes from 1982-1984 and the Budweiser-Arlington Million from 1985-1987.

In 1981, the inaugural race of the Arlington Million was won by thoroughbred John Henry. Foaled in 1975, John Henry began racing in 1978 and earned $6,591,860 over his career of 39 wins. John Henry’s win was commemorated with the statue, “Against All Odds,” located at Arlington Park which portrays the nose-to-nose competition between John Henry and The Bart across the finish line.


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