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Boycott Non-Union Lettuce

Boycott Non-Union Lettuce Cause Button Museum
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Boycott Non-Union Lettuce button back Cause Button Museum
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Black text on red background with black Aztec eagle in the center. 

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union bug

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On August 23, 1970, the United Farm Workers or UFW began a series of strikes and boycotts resulting in 5000 farm workers walking off the job- commonly referred to as the Salad Bowl Strike.  UFW with the help of Cesar Chavez teamed up against the Teamsters Union fighting to improve health care, housing facilities, educational benefits, to increase wages, and to have control over their own union.  Chavez called for the strike against non union lettuce which at the time totaled 80% off lettuce production.  The strike ended in March of 1971 when Teamsters agreed to allow UFW to continue jurisdiction and control over the farm workers.

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