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Bob Zilla

Bob Zilla Entertainment Button Museum
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Bob Zilla button back Entertainment Button Museum
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Black text below an illustration of a green Godzilla-like monster wearing sunglasses, yellow button-up shirt, red bow tie, white pants, and red and yellow sneakers.  

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(beginning of text is indiscernible) BUTTON-UP CO. 2011 AUSTIN, TROY, MI 48084

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Bob Zilla is a character created by video producer, animator, and cartoonist John Charles Lamb (Lamb also works under the pseudonym Bob Sweeney). John Lamb first made a name for himself in the 1970s with his invention of the Lyon Lamb Video Animation System, a rotoscope animation system for which he won an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement. Many of Lamb’s animations highlight surfing culture, and there is a permanent exhibit dedicated to his work at the California Surf Museum. In the 1980s, Lamb founded John Lamb Productions, which licensed merchandise like apparel, buttons, mugs, and greeting cards based off of Lamb’s cartoons. John Lamb Productions operated through the 1990s. 

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