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Blades Vs. Norelco

Blades vs. Norelco Advertising Button Museum
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Blades vs. Norelco Advertising Button Museum
Blades vs. Norelco button back Advertising Button Museum
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Blades vs. Norelco We won.
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Lenticular button switches between two images: 1) Black text above a yellow, peach, and grey illustrated image of a blond man's face and hands on a white background.  His face is divided down the middle by a dashed line as he shaves one side with a razor and the other with an electric shaver.  2) Black text above a grey illustrated image of an electric shaver on a white background.  

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White text (VARI-VUE® by PICTORIAL PRODUCTIONS, INC. MT. VERNON, N.Y., U.S.A. PAT. NO. 2,815,310) on blue background above logo of Amalgamated Lithographers Local 1 of Greater New York.  

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In 1970, Norelco, a manufacturer of electric razors and hair supply electronics, had an advertising campaign for its Tripleheader 35T electric shaver where they posed a contest between regular blades and their electric shaver. The ads said that if men shave one half of their face with blades and the other with the electric shave, these men would conclude that the Tripleheader gave them a better shave.

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