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B.K. Taylor National Lampoon

B.K. Taylor National Lampoon Entertainment Button Museum
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B.K. Taylor National Lampoon button back Entertainment Button Museum
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Illustration of smiling person wearing brown overcoat and deerstalker-style hat waving to viewer.  Orange and black text on a white background.

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B.K. Taylor is an American cartoonist, writer, and illustrator who is well known for his work in National Lampoon Magazine. Taylor worked for the magazine from 1975-1987, working on numerous strips, such as The Appletons, Stories from Uncle Kunta, and Timberland Tales. The character on this button is named Maurice The Indian Boy, also called The Joker by some. Featured as one of the main characters in Timberland Tales, which first appeared in October 1976. Maurice is described as a naive and humorous teenager who appeared frequently during the comic strips run in the magazine.


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