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BG Sandwich Shops

BG Sandwich Shops Innovative Button Museum
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BG Sandwich Shops button back Innovative Button Museum
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A National Institution BG Sandwich Shops "A Meal A Minute" Purely American Trade Mark, Reg U.S. Pat. Off.
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BG Sandwich Shop logo, which consists of a green and orange shield with the letters "B G" and an orange circle with black text, encircled by orange and green borders over a black background. 

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B/G Sandwich Shops were a nationwide chain with first references found in 1920, as the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce welcomed its new members, including B/G Sandwich Shops, with the description, "Located at 1022 Market St. – ‘A meal a minute.’ This company operates attractive sandwich shops in forty cities, the chain extending from California to New York.”

B/G Sandwich Shops operated at least into the 1950s, and although it is unknown how many shops were part of the chain at its peak, branches did seem to stretch across the country, keeping up with the business’s advertising that called itself “A National Institution.”

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