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Beethoven Movie

Beethoven Movie Innovative Button Museum
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Beethoven Movie button back Innovative Button Museum
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The head of the family is the one with the tail. Beethoven
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Beethoven, the dog, looks guilty under the dinner table while his family looks bewildered that he stole part of their turkey. Black and red text over the image. 

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Electronic sound capabilities. 

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1992 U.C.S.

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"Beethoven" was a popular movie that was released in 1992. The titled character is the Newton's family St. Bernard. The puppy was stolen by two thieves who were hired by a criminal veterinarian, Dr. Varnick who experimented on animals. The puppy escaped from the thieves and hid in the Newton's youngest daughter's room. The puppy was given its name when the younger daughter, Emily played the intro of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, and the puppy barked along. The workaholic father, George hated Beethoven, but the rest of the family grew attached to the dog. When Beethoven was stolen again, the family saved their pet and other dogs. They revealed Dr. Varnick's true identity and were hailed as the heroes of the community.  

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