The Beatles Yellow Submarine

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Text on Button We All Live In A Yellow Submarine THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY
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Top three quarters of the button is black with white text and the button quarter is white with the Beatles Anthology in black text.

Curl Text 1995 Capitol Records, Inc.
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The button is to promote the six part documentary series "The Beatles Anthology" which chronicles the career of the Beatles. The series was first broadcasted on UK television in 1995 and released on DVD in 2003. Yellow Submarine was featured in part five of the series.

"Yellow Submarine" was an animated film released in 1968 which features the band. The plot of the film is to accompany Captain Fred in his yellow submarine to free Pepperland from the Blue Meanies who hate music. The album of the same name was the tenth album released by the band in 1969. The most notable songs from the album are "All You Need is Love," the title track, and "All Together Now."

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