Batman Yellow and Black Stripes

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Image of Batman running with a black and yellow striped background 

Curl Text BUTTON-UP 2011 AUSTIN TROY, MI. 48083 ┬ęDC COMICS 1982
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First appearing in Detective Comics #27 (1939), Batman is a fictional superhero who appears in American comics publisher, DC Comics. Created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, a billionaire who is also the owner of Wayne Enterprises. Upon witnessing his parents murder at the hands of a common crook as a child, Bruce Wayne dedicated himself to fighting criminals. Operating in Gotham City, Batman has gone up against numerous foes, including Two-Face, The Riddler, and his arch-nemesis, The Joker. Since his creation, Batman has been widely successful, becoming one of comics most identifiable superheroes. The character has appeared in media outside of comics, including toys, television, and films.

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