Baltimore Orioles

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A white background surrounded by an orange outline and white text. Inside the circle is a black and orange bird with a baseball hat getting ready to swing a bat

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Founded in 1954, the Baltimore Orioles named themselves after the Maryland state bird. Their logo has always reflected a bird. Up until 1992 the logo was a cartoon, after that it became a more realistic depiction of an oriole. This logo was created by Stan Walsh, known for his work in advertising such as Snap, Crackle and Pop for Rice Krispies, his depiction of the Baltimore mascot was an instant hit. In fact some say that Stan "got the bird all dressed up, the Orioles gave him someplace to go. The 1966 World Series." The Orioles won the 1966 World Series, sweeping the defending champions the LA Dodgers in 4 games. Walsh's logo remained the team logo until it was replaced in 1992.

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