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Baby Herman Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Baby Herman Who Framed Roger Rabbit Entertainment Button Museum
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Baby Herman Who Framed Roger Rabbit button back Entertainment Button Museum
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit, "The Whole Thing Stinks Like Yesterday's Diapers!"
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On a yellow and green background in the pattern of mid-century linoleum, a cartoon baby holding a cigar sits to the right-hand side. Above him and to the left is a curved banner headline in yellow with pink text. Below this (and to the immediate left of the baby) are four lines of text, also in pink. 

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copyright 1987 Disney / Amblin DISTRIBUTED BY ONE STOP POSTERS

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Baby Herman was a character in the 1988 animated/live-action film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Although he appeared to be an infant while performing in cartoons within the film, when off-camera he spoke like an adult and displayed many non-baby-like proclivities such as cursing, smoking a cigar, and womanizing. 

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