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Arthur Jones

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An illustration of an old sour looking man with a long beard on the upper left. He is wearing a hunting cap and a blue shirt, and he holds a red apple and a light green ladder. Next to the man is an illustration of a coiled grey snake showing its fangs and red tongue. Below the snake is an illustration of a blue and red bird standing over its nest with two light blue eggs and smoking a cigarette. Below the old man is an orange and brown monkey looking straight ahead with wide eyes. The monkey is also holding a red apple. Behind the animals and the old man is a green rounded sunburst that resembles a bush, and the background is white.

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Arthur Jones is an American artist whose main mediums include drawing and animation. Arthur was born in Plainview, Texas and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Arthur has created visuals for the stage performances of This American Life and has been working on a project for the last five years in which writers present stories, on stage, written to Arthur’s post-it note illustrations. The performances are the Post-it Note Reading Series and it has recently been published in a book called the Post-it Note Diaries. Some of Arthur’s work can be viewed here on his website. Included on this website is “A Teeny-Tiny Itsy-Bitsy Comic” that was made for Busy Beaver Buttons. This comic was included with every order that was placed through the company and it provides instructions on how to take care of your buttons through illustrations of a friendly relationship between a beaver and a personified button. 

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