Americans for Perot

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Text on Button Americans for Perot United We're Nuts
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Blue caricature of H. Ross Perot next to white, red and blue text over red and white, striped and starred background. 

Curl Text COLLECTORS' HOLIDAY ST. LOUIS, MO 314-894-9600
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The button satirically combines H. Ross Perot's 1996 US Presidential campaign slogan, "Americans for Perot," with a joke, "United We're Nuts," from a segment on late night talk show host David Letterman's television show. Letterman's segment, a top ten list titled "Top Ten Rejected Names for Ross Perot's Political Party," aired on September 26, 1995 and the joke was number nine.  

Perot was a third party candidate in the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections. In both elections, he did not receive any electoral votes, but did receive 19% and 8% of the popular vote, respectively. He ran as an indepentent candidate in 1992, however in 1996 he ran as a candidate for the Reform Party. 


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