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American Red Cross Life Saving Service

American Red Cross Life Saving Service Club Button Museum
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American Red Cross Life Saving Service button back Club Button Museum
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three separate pieces of blue text sits in a column formation.  Each word has a red square/cross to its left and right. Everything is set on a white background.

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PAT FEB 13 1917
(illustration of duck)
(two pieces of indecipherable illustrations filled with text)
NO. 1215675

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The American Red Cross (ARC) Life-Saving Service (LLS) began in 1914 in reaction to the growing number of drowning deaths in the U.S. And as the public demand for swimming and lifesaving instruction spread, the toll of lives lost declined.  Participants would receive a button upon the completion of any one of several leveled classes.  The Beginner course covered the most basic of skills - safely entering and exiting the water, bobbing, treading water and opening eyes underwater to retrieve objects.

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