Alhambra Grotto Masonic Organization

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Cloth-like surface. Red around the outer edge with a blue background and white text along the top and the bottom and an illustartion of a person in a red turban with horns on either side of their head over a white banner with the faint remainder of text that appears to say N. ERMONDSUN or MR. ERMONDSUN

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Printed & Manufactured BY STEINER ENGRAVING & BADGE CO. 804 Pine St. St. Louis. With a union bug in the center

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The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Real, a.k.a. M.O.V.P.E.R., is an organization composed of Master Freemason's who are dedicated to good fellowship and friendship. The organization is subdivided into subunits known as "Grottoes". One such Grotto is the Alhambra Grotto in St. Louis, Missouri. It maintained a clubhouse for its membership located in the Liederkranz Society Hall in St Louis. The Grotto also maintained its operations in a facility in Phelps County, Missouri complete wth recreational facilities and a small railroad station in a country club-like atmosphere.

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