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Abril Siempre Abril

Abril Siempre Abril Event Button Museum
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Abril Siempre Abril button back Event Button Museum
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abril siempre abril 20 ANIVERSARIO CAAMANO
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Black text on an outer red-orange edge with a yellow circle in the middle with black text and an illustration of a man's head

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“Abril Siempre Abril 20 Anniversario” translates to “April Always April 20th Anniversary”, which commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Dominican Civil War. The Dominican Civil War began on April 24, 1965, in Santo Domingo and was led by Francisco Caamaño. Caamaño wanted to restore the Dominican democratic government as it had been overthrown by a military coup in September of 1963. Caamaño was a part of the Constitutionalists who wanted to return to a constitutional government. Caamaño and the Constitutionalists were successful, however, the United States got involved because of fears of communism and Caamaño allowed a reconciliation agreement ending the Constitutionalists group.


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